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About the DSO

 The DSO was founded 75 years ago in 1946 as a music appreciation society, and that spirit of a shared experience - listening to and playing popular orchestral works - is still at the core of the Orchestra today.


We are mostly amateur players, some teaching professionals, and a few members who make a living from playing, in a variety of contexts. By and large, we create our concert programmes with the musical resources we have 'in-house' but we believe we have a standard to uphold for our loyal audiences and as representatives of the best of Dartford. That means we continue to employ and pay a professional conductor - this coming season you will have seen we are pleased to have a rota of guests in that roles.


On an exceptional basis we may ask supporting 'professional' orchestra players to join us for concerts. This is essential if we are to tackle works that call for additional instruments - such as harp or contrabassoon - that we do not have as members. This all means, inevitably, that we have to 'balance the books' carefully from year to year. For members that means a subscription, for audiences a fair but necessary ticket price. That pays not only for the support of our professionals but also covers the costs to hire the Mick Jagger Centre for rehearsals and concerts as well as many other costs including sheet music hire.


We do not get a grant or guarantee but we are actively looking for donations - we are grateful for those we do get - and sponsors. If you are able to help us raise funds n any way we would be very pleased to talks with you. Any opportunity to work with sponsors or partners would be most welcome.

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