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Summer Notes


Don Giovanni


Symphony No.1


Symphony No. 3



Ben Knowles

Sylvia Seaton

 themickjaggercentre small theatre 




7:30 pm

Tickets online here

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DSO - 75 Years and more

We are a group of talented musicians, of all ages, united in a love of great, popular orchestral music and in the joy of playing to our valued audiences. We have been rehearsing and performing in Dartford for over 75 years and are the premier orchestra for the region. Whatever your favourite piece of orchestral music may be - from Haydn to Beethoven to Rachmaninov, from Symphony to Concerto to Ballet Suite - you'll find something you'll enjoy in our varied concert season. 


For a great night out at a convenient local venue with the sound of a full symphony orchestra playing rousing pot-boiler overtures, lilting waltzes, and stirring melodies do make a note of our concert programmes and dates. 


We perform 4 - 5 concerts every year - all at the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford.


Tickets are available from the DSO online or via email:, or call  07707 680814

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